My favorite pix of the World's Greatest Siamese Pickle as seen on Tonight Show with Johnny Carson

Ok, this is unique. In January of 1985, my friend, Robert Edison Stinson and I appeared as guests on the TONIGHT SHOW starring, my childhood hero. We were touring the nation with the World's Greatest Siamese Pickle, aka WGSP. Read more and watch the appearance here
  1. This was from the appearance. I am on the left. It was so surreal meeting Johnny. My heart dropped when we were behind his curtain waiting to go on and he announced our names. Johnny's line at this moment was "You wanna see my pickle?"
  2. This shot is the pickle at Clint Eastwood's prints. This photo appeared on the show. Johnny loved it.
  3. We met up with Bill Murray at a golf tournament. He loved it too!
  4. The pickle enjoys a quiet morning at the Washington Mall on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.
  5. My buddy Robert shows off the pickle during rush hour and enjoys people honking at us.
  6. This is me sporting the WGSP t-shirt. "Never has a vegetable gone so far looking so good." There is actually a song about it that played on local radio. You can hear it on the link above.
  7. We hope now to have a 30 year reunion on the TONIGHT SHOW with @JimmyFallon.