Sunset on Utah Lake

I looked out my window this afternoon at 4pm and saw the clouds in the sky and new tonight would have a good sunset. so I grabbed my gear and headed out to Utah Lake State Park. There was about 10 other photographers doing the same thing. I caught a few snaps of them in action. These are some of my faves.
  1. This was sunset looking EAST
  2. Looking SOUTH
  3. Looking WEST
  4. Geese in flight
  5. A nice warm sub
  6. A nearby farm house
  7. The mountains aglow
  8. A photographer working it
    Love this shot of this last photographer. Bottom left
  9. Here is a closeup of that same photographer
  10. Another photographer on the lake banks
  11. Some casual photogs
  12. This guy was cool and was walking into the water
  13. Those clouds tho
  14. One of my cameras as it was snapping hundreds of time lapse photos