When asked where I'm from I often state, "Los Angeles, born and raised." Being a native Angeleno is something I'm really proud of. This city is unique in every way and full of so much culture. I started the hashtag #børnandraised over a year ago when I found myself taking multiple pictures of the city in its most candid moments.
  1. The LA skyline. It's not the largest, but it's ours. It will soon change once the Wilshire Grand Tower is completed in 2017.
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  2. City Hall. I took this on the night before NYE in 2014. The city hosted a block party at Grand Park, using the building as a light show.
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  3. The ever so simplistic beauty, the Walt Disney Concert Hall. My muse. I love photographing this building. Designed by Frank Gehry and completed in 2003, it was quite possibly the beginning of LA's architectural change.
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  4. The Urban Lights exhibit at LACMA. Created by late artist Chris Burden, this life size art installation is city favorite.
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  5. I can't imagine living anywhere I couldn't drive to the beach on any given day. Miles and miles of golden coast.
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  6. Meet The Broad. it's the newest member of the DTLA museum scene and my new favorite place. It holds an incredible "private collection" of artwork created by the most influential contemporary artist.
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