Music is the reason I started to create art and the reason I can still find strong inspiration to keep me pushing forward and trying new things.
  1. Mondo Drag
    Heavy psych with a strong 70s vibe. The biggest thing about this band that I love is that although there's that 70s sound it doesn't come across as being contrived.
  2. Ratking
    Most organic sounding example of NY hip hop out right now. So raw, creative and current. The three of them are all really honing into their place within the group. So excited about these guys!
  3. Burial
    Puts me in a dark calm zone. In the best way possible. I've always looked for other artists that make music in the same vein as him but no dice. Good thing I can listen to the material that exists over and over.
  4. GDP
    Most under-rated (or maybe just under-heard) MC in my books. I found GDP and his crew Slangcorp way back in the MySpace days and I've kept up with his work since. No one has a way with words like him. Has a similar word play value as Jay-Z but with totally different content (and sound).