I watch a mixture of pure quality and pure shit. Sometimes I prefer the pure shit.
  1. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
    I've watched every episode at least three times and I laugh harder each time. My favourite thing is to watch Frank's mannerisms even when he's in the background. I think a lot of people write this show off after watching just one episode. You have to give it time to get just how genius the character development/acting is.
  2. Narcos
    Just one episode in but I'm sold. Gives me a Goodfellas vibe which is always a huge plus.
  3. Daredevil
    Best comic book adaption I've ever seen. Which doesn't mean much when it comes to tv shows but damn, this was a really well done show. Hoping season two builds on the dark first season.
  4. Are You the One
    Pure entertainment. I have no idea why I'm so drawn to shitty reality tv like this show but why fight it. Especially when I laugh my ass off and get so much enjoyment making fun of the fools on shows like this one. I don't really get drunk anymore but if I did I'd get shittered while watching every minute of this disaster.
  5. American Horror Story
    LOVED the first season. Second season grew on me. The third season "Coven", started strong and then went to dog shit. I'm a few episodes into "Freak Show" and the damn clown kills it!
  6. Golden Girls
    Always thought it was cool that they had the same microwave as me when I grew up