1. John Quincy Adams
    Adams kept an alligator (a gift) in the East Room for several months.
  2. Benjamin Harrison
    Mr. Reciprocity and Mr. Protection were Harrison’s pet opossums.
  3. Theodore Roosevelt
    The Roosevelt family kept a menagerie that included a macaw named Eli Yale, a badger named Josiah (who apparently was a biter but not of faces), horses, dogs, cats, snakes, and a small bear, in addition to an assortment of guinea pigs (named Admiral Dewey, Bishop Doane, Bob Evans, Dr. Johnson, and Father O’Grady).
  4. Calvin Coolidge
    Calvin and Grace Coolidge had a small zoo at the White House that included dogs, cats, and birds, along with a wallaby, a pygmy hippo, and lion cubs named Tax Reduction and Budget Bureau.