Most of these Halloween photos are from the Library of Congress's photography collection. All of them are amazing.
  1. President John F. Kennedy, with daughter Caroline and son John F. Kennedy Jr., ready for Halloween 1963 in the Oval Office.
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  2. Young boy with jack-o-lantern at Milbank Convalescent Home, 1928.
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  3. Schoolchildren pose in Halloween costumes c. 1900.
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  4. A private Halloween gathering, 1938.
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  5. Unidentified group of people in Halloween costumes, October 31, 1916.
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  6. Children at the Henrietta School celebrate Halloween, c. 1920s.
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  7. Jonathan Frid, known for playing the vampire Barnabas on the TV soap opera "Dark Shadows," greeted first daughter Tricia Nixon at the White House Halloween party, 1969.
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  8. Former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and Captain Kangaroo introduce the UNICEF "trick or treat" program to children at the United Nations in 1957.
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  9. USC student Halloween party, c. 1890.
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