A cardinal rule of the American presidency: The Thanksgiving holiday must not go unacknowledged by a presidential photo-op.
  1. President Warren G. Harding's 1921 Thanksgiving turkey, a gift from the Harding Girls' Club of Chicago, arrived on a DH-4 mail plane, wearing a custom-made flying suit and a pair of goggles.
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  2. President Herbert Hoover's 1929 Thanksgiving turkey(s), as ceremonially presented to his press secretary George Ackerson (center).
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  3. President Franklin D. Roosevelt carves his Thanksgiving Turkey on November 30, 1933.
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  4. President Harry S. Truman was presented a non-pardoned Thanksgiving turkey by members of the Poultry and Egg National Board and other representatives of the turkey industry, outside the White House on November 16, 1949.
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  5. President Dwight D. Eisenhower receives a holiday turkey in 1956.
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  6. President John F. Kennedy spontaneously pardoned the presidential turkey on November 18, 1963 (four days before his assassination).
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  7. President Richard Nixon's first turkey ceremony in November 1969.
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  8. President Gerald R. Ford with two turkeys (one presumably too far gone to be pardoned) on November 20, 1975.
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  9. First Lady Rosalynn Carter and daughter Amy Carter pardoning a turkey (the other presumably too far gone to be pardoned) on November 21, 1978.
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  10. President Ronald Reagan attempts to pardon the annual presidential turkey on November 23, 1987 (the turkey may have had other ideas).
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  11. President George H.W. Bush Bush pardons the Thanksgiving turkey on November 14, 1990.
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  12. President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary Clinton helped serve Thanksgiving dinner at New Covenant Baptist Church in Washington, DC, during their first holiday season in the White House, 1993.
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  13. The Clinton family celebrates Thanksgiving at Camp David in 1994.
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  14. President George W. Bush meets "Liberty," the first turkey to receive his presidential pardon, in the Rose Garden of the White House on November 19, 2001.
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  15. From 2005 (shown) to 2009, the pardoned presidential turkeys were sent to Disneyland or Disney World to serve as grand marshalls of the Thanksgiving parade.
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  16. President Barack Obama and daughters pardon the presidential turkey in 2010.
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