Currently attempting to view these for the first time, catch up or rewatch
  1. Mr. Robot
    Cause I want to be a coder
  2. Stranger Things
    Waiting cause I gotta watch it with my lady
  3. Jessica Jones
    Cause Marvel Superhero TV ALL DAY
  4. Homeland
    Season 1 was insane. Gotta catch up.
  5. The Expanse
    Heard it was GoT meets BS:G so what's not to like?
  6. Peaky Blinders
    Turned my folks onto this one. And they left me in the dust and watched the whole fucking thing without me. Boo.
  7. Master of None
    Been told it's essential 20-something viewing
  8. Bloodline
    Also on a quest to watch every original Netflix show
  9. Narcos
    See above
  10. Marco Polo
    Also I like Kung fu stuff
  11. GIRLS
    Seen seasons 1-3 gotta catch up before the last season. One of my lady's favorites.
  12. American Horror Story
    Seen the first 3 season. Gotta catch up for 6
  13. Fargo
    Not a fan of the movie. Maybe the show will change my mind
  14. Hemlock Grove
    Love horror/suspense so this is right up my alley
  15. The Killing
    Previews reminded me of Gone Girl?
  16. Arrested Development
    Cult classic. Must watch
  17. Sons of Anarchy
    Season 1 was stellar
  18. Luther
    Idris Elba. That is all.
  19. Sense8
    Looks weird
  20. The Sopranos
    Sucker for good mafia stuff
  21. True Detective
    Heard rave reviews
  22. Buffy The Vampire Slayer
    It's my lady's favorite and a cult classic and hello? Joss Whedon
  23. Lilyhammer
    Again with the mafia stuff
  24. Grace and Frankie
    Heard it's funny
  25. Love
  26. Flaked
    I love the brilliant mix of comedy and drama that Will Arnet brings to Bojack Horesman so this should prove to be good
  27. Lady Dynamite
    Comedy sensation
  28. F is for Family
    Back to that Netflix campaign
  29. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
    See above
  30. Trailer Park Boys
    It's fucking hilarious
  31. House
    A rewatch cause Hugh Laurie
  32. Orange is the New Black
    Obligatory pop culture watch
  33. Young Justice
    Cause it's a crime to cancel that good of a show
  34. How I Met Your Mother
    Another generational pop culture obligatory watch
  35. The X-Files
  36. Veep
    Julia Louis Dreyfus is a comedy goddess
  37. The Wire
    Another obligatory
  38. Boardwalk Empire
    Steve Buschemi
  39. Hannibal
    UH YES
  40. Ballers
    I love The Rock
  41. Breaking Bad
  42. Madmen
  43. Battlestar Galactica
  44. Rescue Me
  45. Lost
  46. Heroes
  47. Dexter