If you haven't seen it then stop, drop and roll over to Hulu, Netflix or something and watch it and if you're broke like I am then get your friend's password. It's the American way
  1. It's not Sesame Street or Family Guy
    This show magically combines a great combination of comedic genius while inserting a family dynamic that doesn't skew too gross and inappropriate like say Family Guy and not too PG as Disney Channel or Sesame Street but shout out to the homie Big Bird
  2. Again, this is not Family Guy woo hoo!
  3. Louise Belcher is a BOSS
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    You know she doesn't talk about it, she "Be's" about it. She's fearless, except when going to the dentist but other than that she's pretty much ride or die. + she rocks pink bunny ears 24/7 365. That can only be achieved by a BOSS
  4. Gene goes with the flow and is mad funny
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    I mean just peep the burger get up, nuff said
  5. Tina Belcher teaches us to be ourselves
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    Maaaaaan, if you thought Issa Rae was awkward, then think again. Tina is the epitome of weird but she doesn't let it bring her down she just does her own thing and I love her for that.
  6. The patriarch, Bob, is a good dad
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  7. Linda has a funny voice so literally every thing she says gets a cackle out of me
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    Fun fact: she's voiced by a man
  8. It's renowned for 2 more seasons. Oh yeah!
  9. People love it! I ain't lying
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    This Pittsburgh restaurant even dressed their store up like Bobs Burgers 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾