It's quite a conundrum but I applaud those of you that have a favorite and yet I pity you for devoting your undying love to just one
  1. I'm indecisive
  2. I'm open to new things...and therefore changing a lot
  3. I used to like blue when I was younger but then in my adult life felt like I only liked it so much because it was my birthstone
  4. I sometimes like white and black, together or separate but some argue that these are not colors
  5. I like to go with the flow and whatever I'm in the mood for
  6. I don't do lots of bright colors but I have been known to rock a bright blazer (side note: I ❤️ Blazers)
  7. I've been on a red kick lately but I wouldn't call it my favorite although it is getting preferential treatment in my wardrobe
  8. I don't feel like I should have to have a favorite color. Geez Louise...can't a girl have options
  9. Lastly, I blame Crayola for making all of those different colors available to me as a child. Ha!