It raised a lot of questions.
  1. Jonathan Franzen mom
    I was hoping for something like "Jonathan Franzen's mom is a monster" but there was nothing salacious in the first page of results.
  2. Olallieberries
    They are real and kind of blackberry-ish.
  3. Age of consent in Germany
    14, yikes
  4. Is Jonathan Franzen feuding with Jonathan Safran Foer
    Not publicly
  5. Authors named Jonathan
    There are, indeed, many of them.
  6. Orange is the New Black book funeral
    Goodbye to the Jonathans
  7. Jonathan Franzen Zadie Smith
  8. Jonathan Franzen Oprah
    His book FREEDOM was an Oprah Book Club choice so either they patched things up or it was an intense power play from Oprah. Or BOTH
  9. Jonathan Franzen mother name
    I was wondering if it was Ann since there are so many Ann-adjacent mothers in this book, but her name is Irene Franzen.
  10. Julian Assange
    Just making sure he is who I thought he was.
  11. Jonathan Franzen orphans
    He still doesn't have any.
  12. Franzen Financial Times interview
    He says he never even wanted any orphans
  13. Franzen girlfriend Granta
    She's jellz, like how all women are