These costumes will make you the Bella of the ball.
  1. Twilight vampire
    A great excuse to use up some of the body glitter you have lying around! Or to buy new body glitter if for some reason you don't have any lying around.
  2. Christopher Pike Lizard Person
    Christopher Pike has revealed that Lizard People live among us as sexier than average humans, so for this costume, step up your eyeshadow game and murder any humans who question your costume.
  3. Christian Grey
    Sex jeans and a lot of paperwork. You don't have time to attend any Halloween parties because you are too busy with your paperwork.
  4. Couples costume: Claire Fraser & Marty McFly
    Key accessories: #herbs and Tab.
  5. Couples costume: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson & Wolverine
    Send us pics.
  6. Sexy Bigfoot
    Like a regular Bigfoot but with ya dick out
  7. The Jesus Ghost or Whatever That Guy From The Christmas Sweater Was
    Never mind, it's too scary. Not recommended.