I cannot say that I've thoroughly read through the 800 page Benghazi Report, but I'm using @list as my outlet to speak freely on my learnings. This list is by no means, concrete or unbiased, just informal thoughts put together in a list.
  1. Sports + Politics
    Every sports team has a head coach. Anytime a team fails to produce results and/or fails its community of devotees, the head coach is held responsible, resulting in a drop out. Clinton was the head coach of the 2012 US Foreign Policy Team, and that team, failed to protect FOUR American lives.
  2. The Defense Department
    Or shall we call them, The We Dont Do Shit Department. It's one thing to fail rescuing the lives of four Americans, but failure in understanding the threats to U.S. Personnel in Benghazi is beyond me. Note, the defense department is not the only organization to blame.
  3. Riddle Me This
    The report states, "What was disturbing from the evidence the Committee found was that at the time of the final lethal attack at the Annex, no asset ordered deployed by the Secretary had even left the ground."
  4. A few stats..
    Clinton was referenced 3 times in the section of attack, 38 times in the section on communications and 86 times in the section on events beforehand. In the democratic minority report, Donald Trump was named 23 times... Source: NBC News
  5. Taxpayer 💰 =
    800 pages of arduous reading. Don't depend on the American people to read through 800 pages of an event that has been so clouded in political bullshit. Give us the results, action items, future preventative measures, etc..
  6. Justice for American Lives
    Only one terrorist was brought back to face criminal charges. Someone pinch me.
  7. Why, why, why?
    Why were Americans still in Benghazi when almost every country left that state? Why would we stay in such volatile situation, risking American lives? Why not send more troops or proper equipment to fend off an attack on the Benghazi consulate? WHY?
  8. Families of the Fallen
    I'm not here to skew opinions, just trying to understand why we lost four people in a situation that could've been avoided weeks before. It's disappointing and frustrating.