a collection of kisses i've shared in beautiful places
  1. a wooden bench overlooking a still lake
    we pretended not to notice each other's runny noses
  2. high school stadium bleachers
    my makeup was smeared across your face and you said you loved me. we won the game
  3. a grassy hill overlooking the town
    the bubblegum skies reflected off the running river. a daisy fell from your hair as you leaned in close
  4. the edge of an empty parking lot
    the stars were shining through your eyes, your hands were on my thighs. i fell in love with you all over again
  5. a sweaty backseat
    you got impatient and hit the seat, i was afraid you would go for me. you collected yourself and kissed me through the sweat, through the snot, through the salty tears
  6. beside my front door
    you cried harder than i, you said you'd never stop loving me. i never knew a kiss could hurt so bad
  7. under a dying pine
    the sun was warm, you were warmer. you tasted like smoke
  8. the crystal ballroom floor
    i fainted and my lips were cold. we danced to mac demarco until the lights came back on