1. I've never understood what the big deal was about Bob Dylan (but Blind Willie McTell is one of my favorite songs...)
  2. I've never understood why everyone loves New York City so much (but the corner of West 4th and 8th Avenue is one of my favorite places...)
  3. I like bananas but hate banana flavored anything
  4. I like to drive in New York and walk in LA
  5. I once used my Facebook status to complain about how stupid Facebook is
  6. If somebody wins an Oscar and I agree with it, I'm all "Dude, she won an Oscar!" but when Jamie Foxx won for Ray I was all, "Whatever, everybody knows the Oscars are bullshit..."
  7. I'm incredibly shy except for when I have to speak in front of large groups
  8. I'm scared of heights but I prefer the window seat
  9. The 1994 baseball strike is what got me into baseball
  10. I like dogs more than people. Because dogs aren't cunts 90% of the time