Requested by @annayyoung
I must begin by saying I haven't seen all of her movies yet so this is only a best of what I've seen. All rom coms.
  1. When Harry Met Sally
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    hands down the best one ever, and my favorite rom com (probably). it's the one i come back to the most, the one i can watch wherever, whenever, and however many times in a row i want. It just captures the allure of NYC, and the characters seem real, and they experience real life together. the story is not rushed like in many love stories, so the ending is very plausible and realistic.
  2. French Kiss
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    A bit cheesy at parts, especially Kevin Kline's accent, but what can you do. It makes up for it in the small sweet moments that I love in good romantic comedies, esp ones that feature Meg
  3. You've Got Mail
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    I like this one more than Sleepless in Seattle (which follows below) but it is a clear third. Though I do appreciate Meg Ryan in New York and cute bookshops, I suppose I will never stop comparing all rom coms to the phenomenal Harry/Sally
  4. Sleepless in Seattle
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    My least favorite on this list just because it seems the least plausible. Romantic yes comedic yes but it's way more of a stretch than any of the others. Also Meg and Hank are apart for most of the movie so there's really no chance for any of the sweet moments I love to see where the characters subtilely(sp? ill check l8er) learn each other.
  5. now i just have to watch some more!