inspired by @annayyoung though I could never match her-- she's got the OG IG. I apologize for the tag symbols that are in the pics but I had to screenshot these and crop them
  1. my dog, Syd i love her happy face and little red tongue
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  2. Burney Falls. the List App won't let me show the full photo (its too long) which makes me a little sad
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  3. this is when I was backpacking this summer and thought I was suchhh a trailblazer then got stuck in the mud of a former lake. I ended up having to pull my feet out of my shoes, grab em before they sank, and run to dry land while my family laughed at me
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  4. syd again, wearing a hoodie. i made it green and red for christmas
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  5. When @annayyoung and I wore watching outfits 🙆
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  6. From my trip to Myanmar
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  7. The Shwedagon Pagoda also in Myanmar
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  8. my pal Jeanne lookin' fly
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  9. From a cross country trip to Disneyland and I owe my good memories to them
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