My Instagram Best Nine Without Looking at Likes

inspired by @annayyoung though I could never match her-- she's got the OG IG. I apologize for the tag symbols that are in the pics but I had to screenshot these and crop them
  1. my dog, Syd i love her happy face and little red tongue
  2. Burney Falls. the List App won't let me show the full photo (its too long) which makes me a little sad
  3. this is when I was backpacking this summer and thought I was suchhh a trailblazer then got stuck in the mud of a former lake. I ended up having to pull my feet out of my shoes, grab em before they sank, and run to dry land while my family laughed at me
  4. syd again, wearing a hoodie. i made it green and red for christmas
  5. When @annayyoung and I wore watching outfits 🙆
  6. From my trip to Myanmar
  7. The Shwedagon Pagoda also in Myanmar
  8. my pal Jeanne lookin' fly
  9. From a cross country trip to Disneyland and I owe my good memories to them