the final summer, in pictures

the last one before high school ends forever. made new friends tried new things it ended in a flash
  1. dinner with @annayyoung
    she can eat a spicy guac burger like nobody else
  2. skipped a ballet to drive to late lunch and a little river. saw an otter
    "aah! an otter! fucking nature man" —bailey
  3. went to a bee garden for an afternoon
  4. celebrated grandparents' 80 & 85th bdays at the Claremont and Chez Panisse
    pic taken in the latter's lovely bathroom
  5. Joan, poolside
  6. roadtrip/glamping in Benbow
    view of the pacific in trinidad
  7. tent mornings
  8. summer berry picking
  9. all you can eat sushi
  10. evenings
  11. a new dog friend
  12. picnic in the park
  13. beach
  14. last night of summer
    cake baking after xc
  15. (all set to the music of Sufjan Stevens)