Books that would make good tv

  1. The Magic Treehouse
    We all know this was a childhood favorite. Imagine a fun little series! There's no lack of source material with all of those books, plus it's educational
  2. Percy Jackson and the Olympians
    Following the child of a Greek god as he tries to save the modern world? This would be KILLER. All the potential the movies didn't live up to! Monsters and gods and sacrifices and heroes! Yes, potentially difficult bc young characters but this would be a great show. Would definitely watch
  3. Th Spiderwick Chronicles
    Another urban fantasy about kids, and another that needs another chance after a movie. Spiderwick would be a great Netflix original, brining fun and heart and danger to screens as the kids navigate the world of faeries.
  4. Six of Crows
    With an incredibly diverse cast, a fascinating world, an interesting magic system, and a page-turning plot, Six of Crows could be an exciting show with a significant following. Magical heists, murder, and more? Who doesn't want that?!
  5. The GONE series
    Everyone over 14 disappears in the blink of an eye. All those younger find themselves trapped in their beachside town. School drama, prejudice, and life-threatening situations. Not to mention that some of the kids have developed dangerous powers. It's a dark X-Men/Lord of the Flies crossover.
  6. The Firebird Trilogy
    Sci-fi multiverse hopping, alternate realities, impersonations, and an evil organization threatening to destroy everything. Also these covers are gorgeous. It's a fun time all around with some incredible set/costume design potential and plenty of possibilities for fleshing out the world more.
  7. Legend
    I know dystopia has been on the way out for a while, so this one's a stretch. But a famous free-running outlaw teaming up with a prodigious and disillusioned police academy dropout? Come on, it has so much potential
  8. Red Queen
    Dystopia with a high fantasy twist and a dash of X-Men. This would play best on something like the CW, I think. The love triangles would fit perfectly. Full of excitement and drama, someone could expand this series of novels into a tv show worthy of quite the following (independent of the books, which are all already bestsellers)
  9. we were liars
    PLEASE GIVE ME A WE WERE LIARS MINISERIES! Unreliable narrators. A forgotten tragedy. A feuding, rich family. A private island. A secret. It was MADE for this! The cinematography would be stellar and I can just imagine seeing the twist come to life
  10. Sleeping Giants
    Sci-fi with giant alien robots, brilliant female characters, and a shady interviewer who knows more than anyone can figure out. Yes and yes, please.
  11. The Inheritance Cycle
    Yet another second chance after an abysmal movie adaptation. Dragons and a tyrant in a vaguely medieval, magical world. Sounds familiar, right? Now add in some Star Wars-ish plot and some elves and we're good to go! Just don't let the people behind Shannara Chronicles touch this one.
  12. The Shadow of What Was Lost
    Something has to take the high fantasy spot at the table when Game of Thrones bows out next year! Different enough not to feel like a copy, but reminiscent enough to attract GOT and LOTR fans. Political struggles and the awakening of an ancient evil. A country that never recovered from a world-shaking civil war. Monsters and magic. I'd absolutely tune in to see how they play with the vastness of Islingon's world