1. Soap or Cheese?
    My favorite game to play at farmers markets.
  2. Endangered Animals that are Probably Delicious
    Having something look cute AND tasty. Unstoppable.
  3. Reasons BJ Novak is following me
    He hasn't yet, but it's important to have a positive attitude. @bjnovak
  4. Photos of My Left Shoes
    I have the right ones too. I'm not insane.
  5. Iguanas Just Before They Attack
    The calm before the storm. Stay vigilant.
  6. Hamburgers that use other objects in place of bread
    Mostly ramen.
  7. Unacceptable Horse Poses
    There are more than you think.
  8. Optimal Numbers of Times to Hit Snooze in the Morning
  9. Colors of Carrots Available in Hip Restaurants
  10. Costumes to Dress Your Dog In, and then Send After People to Frighten Them