5 photos on my phone, chosen at random

My phone is just a mess of fandom stuff lbr
  1. Arioka Daiki after being woken up with a cannon launched in their trailer and being made to run a 100-meter dash right after
    aka what I feel like when the sunlight starts streaming through my window every morning
  2. My 22nd birthday project
    Kumusta na @ self
  3. Plushies from the DOTS drama
    Where can I at least get keychain versions of these cuties huhu
  4. Nope
    Just nope.
  5. Shuuma-kuuuun
    He was a kid in a show I watch and the segment was about helping kids overcoming their fears/dislikes; his was riding a bicycle. The people who need to help him can't be seen so one pretended to be a fairy and the whole thing is just so precious huhu