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The point is to watch a horror film every day in October. I missed the 4th and 12th but otherwise have done pretty well.
  1. Children of the Corn (1984)
  2. Christine (1983)
  3. Piranha (1978)
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  1. He loves him some brownies.
  2. Yum is right
  3. Objects in mirror are staring at you
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I usually binge shows after a season has finished but lately I'm actually keeping up w a few as they air. It's an interesting experience.
  1. Scream Queens
    What I call water cooler worthy. Lots of in jokes and horror homages as well as very quick snappy dialogue and a cast of ridiculous character/caricatures. Plus the soundtrack is fabulous.
  2. Gotham
    Running w the villains taking over the city has elevated this series from mediocre to pretty dang good. It's dark but in the best ways.
  3. The Muppets
    Loving this behind the scenes take on the lives of my fave puppets. Giving Miss Piggy her own talk show is a delightful conceit. Only sour note for me is the voice of Kermit's girlfriend. Yuck.
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