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Chicago MID —> San Diego SD ✈️ First I accidentally sat next to a couple with a hidden child. I politely told them I was going to move.
  1. Pretty female about age 27 & slightly older male with greying hair approx age 30-33
    Let's call her Kris and him Mark. Both slim and tall. I thought it was another attractive couple.
  2. Kris is oblivious to the world except for him.
    Full body turned aimed at him. (I'm actually not sure what her face looks like.) Leaning toward him. All good for me, as I get personal space and left alone.
  3. Then it gets confusing
    Also it's not called eavesdropping if you're stuck next to them for 4 hours.
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Months ago I came across what seemed like an easy-answer post-breakup act. After some further thought, a photograph on my desk has become a philosophical fork in the road for me.
  1. You have a picture of you, your friend, and your ex.
    You are in the middle. You all look generically attractive. Overall, decent photo.
  2. Your friend is your friend through association with your ex. Your ex you dated for two years.
    At this point you're like, put the pic away, dummy.
  3. But here's the catch.
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Yet I always go back like a bad relationship habit
  1. 1.
    That is not a picture of you from this year.
    You look like you're 15. What are you hiding. And do you really want an adult female to swipe yes to a pic of you as a young teen.
  2. 2.
    Which one are you?
    Him? Or him? ... or are you Tindering as a group
  3. 3.
    "I'm actually 19 but my profile says 25."
    Get it together, Tinder.
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That movie with the masked guy and the deaf girl where they didn't fall in love
  1. Always run unpredictably
    Suggestions: in a zig zag, falling to the ground occasionally. Anything to confuse the guy shooting bullets (or arrows) at you.
  2. Always go for the jugular
  3. Never stop stabbing
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