Chicago MID —> San Diego SD ✈️ First I accidentally sat next to a couple with a hidden child. I politely told them I was going to move.
  1. Pretty female about age 27 & slightly older male with greying hair approx age 30-33
    Let's call her Kris and him Mark. Both slim and tall. I thought it was another attractive couple.
  2. Kris is oblivious to the world except for him.
    Full body turned aimed at him. (I'm actually not sure what her face looks like.) Leaning toward him. All good for me, as I get personal space and left alone.
  3. Then it gets confusing
    Also it's not called eavesdropping if you're stuck next to them for 4 hours.
  4. Kris: "So you'll be in the Del Mar area tomorrow. That's where I grew up and where I'll be." Mark: "Oh, what's it like?"
    So are they going to different places?
  5. Then Mark's telling a story about something that happened recently at his house with his dad.
    So he lives with his dad? Okay.
  6. Kris: "Oh hey, you'll pass my law school on the way." Mark: "That's why I made this trip. To see your law school."
  7. They keep talking about Cincinnati.
    But it's like they don't know each other well.
  8. I go to the bathroom. I return to Kris and Mark watching a movie on a tablet together.
    Pretttttty couple-y. Or at least friendly. And Mark brought a headphone splitter too. He had some expectations. Let's see what they're watching.
  9. Interstellar.
    Classic space romance.
  10. Mark: "We don't have to keep watching if you don't want. I've seen it already like six times."
  11. Kris: "No, it's okay."
  12. Mark: "Are you sure?"
  13. Kris: "Okay maybe I'll take a quick nap."
  14. Mark: "If you like Inception and -insert another space movie", you should like Interstellar."
    Sounds like someone had some high hopes for this moment. (P. S. Mark, I love Interstellar)
  15. Kris naps for 30 minutes. She leans her head towards him but they're not touching.
    So yearning.
  16. When she wakes up, she tries to make amends. "Do you want to finish the movie?"
  17. Mark: "It's up to you. I've seen it already."
  18. Kris: "Well I don't want to interrupt whatever you're doing."
    Indicates Mark's game.
  19. Then they proceed to play the game together and bond. She helps answer a question on the game. He jokingly gives her popcorn as a reward.
    Also what is this weird Native American tribe name snow covered map game they both seem to know about?
  20. Kris: "Okay let's start the movie again."
  21. Mark brightens noticeably. "Should we rewind a little?"
    Kris says yes. There is hope for them still.
  22. My guess
    Work romance. Of the May-December nature. But she definitely wants him.