Just a few of the many Ray Wuest mantras. Ranked from simplest to most thoughtful.
  1. Always carry at least $20 cash on you at all times and don't let your gas tank go below 1/4 in the winter
    (My equivalent of "boyscouting"....always be prepared)
  2. Back in the driveway
    If your car gets stuck in the snow you have 12 hours to get it out instead of being late the next day. Backed the car in the driveway my first day in the drivers seat and haven't done it any other way.
  3. How little you can actually see around your car while driving (holy blind spots!)
    The first time he took me driving I sat parked in a parking lot and he walked from my car out in 4 directions and I couldn't see his sneakers til he was surprisingly far away..took 3 minutes but taught me a lot (may or may not be a page out of the manual for teaching people how to drive Coke trucks ;)
  4. Nothing good happens after midnight
    This is definitely the one implement the least....sorry Dad ;) maybe someday I'll be wiser
  5. Show up and do your best
    Good attendance and a solid days work are the best recipe for a good night sleep
  6. Don't ask anyone to do something you wouldn't do yourself
    Goes a long way.
  7. "It's just sugar and water"
    Don't worry about things you can't control. The phrase comes from his job at Coke...when plans fell through and something didn't work out..he'd be reminded that Coke is just sugar and water...life will go on!
  8. Trust yourself even when it seems the odds are stacked against you
    A synopsis of pretty much every phone call with him before a tough exam
  9. Do not make excuses...because there is a good chance they are not as valid as they seem
    When I was a kid my dad told be about his aunt and uncles who were blind, walked city streets, delivered milk by horse and buggy, fixed machines and TVs and knitted mittens that were perfectly-sized. Very little can get in the way of someone who is determined enough to put in the effort.
  10. Always think of how your actions affect the people around you
    Taking other people's time and effort into consideration is important in any field.
  11. Be proactive, not reactive
    I remember going to to Coke plant one weekend when I was 8 or 9 and seeing this written on a whiteboard in his office. Also implemented when we were in little league and he told us to always know before each pitch what you will do if the ball gets hit to you. Decent way to handle life too.
  12. Surround yourself with people who make you want to be a better person
    There are some real gems in this world that we can learn a lot from. He once said "he treats everyone he talks to like they are the most important person in the room"...some of you may be able to guess the wonderful man he was referring to simply from that statement. Strive to be like the people you admire most.
  13. Keep rowing the boat even when things go awry
    My dad's shining moment as a little league coach. Lining us up on the gym floor as if we were rowing a boat...the boat springs a leak so someone starts plugging the leak and another starts bailing...but everyone else can't sit and watch the turmoil...we all have to KEEP ROWING to get the boat where we need to go. Some players still remember this a decade later.
  14. **I should have written this in Top Ten format to really be true to form
  15. Side note: Liz and I are lucky kids to have a mom and dad who taught us many things and let us learn a few things on our own ;) Thanks Mom and Dad...and Liz for always ending every call with "make good choices" haha