Birds are weird and here are some of the weird things I've seen them do
  1. Vomit, forget about the vomit, find the vomit and eat it. Vomit again.
  2. Die mid-flight for no apparent reason.
    I have seen exactly one crow and one pigeon do this in two different parts of the world. This is a thing that birds do.
  3. Be a wild, tropical parrot in San Francisco.
  4. Poop on someone during their very first motorcycle riding lesson.
    There's only one way to make someone on a motorcycle look not cool, so thanks for that, bird.
  5. Refuse to fly.
    Bro, I would kill to be able to fly, and there you are on the street narrowly avoiding getting hit by cars because you're too damn lazy. I hate you.
  6. Be sexist. Jerk bird.