Top 10 wwe jobbers

  1. 1.
    She was recently fired she was awful at promos and in the ring
  2. 2.
    Adam rose
    Along with bo he has gone to waste when I first saw his entrance I thought he was gay and he is no longer with wwe to him being arrested
  3. 3.
    Bo Dallas
    He has gone to waste at wwe nxt was better to him.
  4. 4.
    Darren young
    When he was with the nexus he was amazing now his is somewhere I have no clue where I knew him as the other guy
  5. 5.
    Heath slater
    He was amazing with the nexus and now in the 1st match
  6. 6.
    Dolph ziggler
    He is under used in wwe but HIS MAIN OPPONENT IS BARON CORBIN
  7. 7.
    Baron Corbin
    He sucks his only opponent is Dolph ziggler
  8. 8.
    Sin cairra
    He is getting better but he botched his 1st entrance
  9. 9.
    The new day
    Yea they hold the tag titles but kofi was amazing as a singles man but then Xavier and big e came with booty
  10. 10.
    Roman reigns
    He sucks at everything AJ MUST WIN THE TITLE