Shout out to @dith. I am very hungry
  1. Fries
  2. Smoked tomato mayonnaise from Leon's
    I would bathe in this shit
  3. Ravioli w a good ass pomodoro
  4. Meatballs from goccolina
  5. A nice warm chocolate chip cookie gooey oooey
    My sister is making cookies right now
  6. Minute Maid cherry limeade
    They used to sell this in cartons at grocery stores but haven't seen them in a while
  7. Pasta alla vodka
  8. Outback brown bread loaf
    Hot damn this is good
  9. Pizza from fritti
  10. Movie theater pizza
    Like the kind that's def frozen and kept that way for weeks. But it's still so good to me
  11. Gnocchi
  12. Cous cous
  13. Gruyere cheese
  14. Ritz bitz
  15. Trix yogurt
  16. Garlic knots from Benedetti's
    Used to be next to Willy's on north Decatur but closed a long time ago. Did you eat here too @dith