I've now @dith for a long time so I thought I'd write a list of memories with her that I keep close to me
  1. Every joint birthday she had with her brother Sam
    These were always THE social event of the summer in elementary school. One year she had miniature ponies, one year she had sand art, and I feel like there was always face paint. This might have all happened at one party but it takes a major part of my brain
  2. In junior high, we made a lot of iPhoto music videos
    Our "Distubria" video involved her cockatoo
  3. New Years Day lunch
    I think I invited myself over because she said her mom was making mac n cheese
  4. Speaking of her mom, her mom's pigs in a blanket
    I dream of these
  5. All Halloweens in school
    Our neighborhood had a block party every Halloween were her mom's pigs n a blanket were served. Even when we didn't go to the same school we always did Halloween together and it was always a bright spot in my time on Earth
  6. The blue futuristic rocking chair
    She had a blue futuristic rock chair that had no legs so it just rocked on the ground. I would always sit on it but I always mashed my fingers while rocking and it hurt like hell
  7. When she would drive me around without her six months
    It was technically against the law in Georgia to drive someone not in your family for the first 6 months after you got your license. But she would drive me to the movies anyways and we always had to come up with a story of how we got there to our parents. Looking back the whole lying about who you were driving thing is so ridiculous and not a big deal but at the time it cause a lot of stress and anxiety.
  8. Trips to ChocoLaté
    We would sit there for hours and just share stories and photos
  9. Summer nights
    We have occupied countless humid evenings together. Time I spent with Meredith feels like the only time I was a true teenager but I'm not sure why. We once got orange drinks and went to a skate park.
  10. Fourth of the July this year
    We got stuck downtown behind a marathon so we were swerving around trying to find somewhere to eat with limited road across. Sam came too.
  11. Community BBQ