People I Talked to Today

in person on 10/15/15
  1. Harry
    in financial accounting, about loose leaf paper and what we did on fall break
  2. Chris
    about our documentary pitches and whether or not he should skip class and some conference he is going to
  3. Andrea
    about our presentation on ira glass and radio diaries and whether or not the projector was working
  4. Alex
    about apps and the podcast we are working on
  5. Maddie
    about a mutual professor and a podcast we are working on
  6. Maria Louisa
    about the same podcast we are working on
  7. Brandon
    about fencing
  8. Jillian
    about how we hadn't seen each other in awhile and earrings and piercings
  9. Nathan
    about my Apple Watch
  10. Guest speaker whose name I can't remember
    She asked for directions to the chapel so I just walked there with her. But then she started giving constructive but very blunt feedback on my documentary piece we watched in class, and she said the only reason she was giving me feedback was because she knew I could take it.
  11. Sofia
    About satire and crocs and the democratic debate and sexual assault offenders and zines and a potential editing cycle
  12. Mahsa
    About vines and Drake and Greek life and living situations and fake artists and noodles and Selena Gomez and my Apple Watch and Instagram and viners and neuroscience and jeans.
  13. Riyanka
    about how shitty the printers are and Baudrillard and the Onion.