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  1. Miss these huge sunglasses that broke. Must get a new pair!
  2. Need to get this for my girls 😂
  3. The lady eating dinner at the table behind ours looked like Reese Witherspoon!
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I seriously have THE best husband on the planet - and he's pretty hot too
  1. The fact that I had 3 kids didn't scare him away
  2. He has always texted back right away - and included punctuation AND some emojis
    Real men use emojis
  3. We were friends first and there was never any pressure
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When you order gluten-free at restaurants they shout it back to the cooks like a warning. My doctor is cruel and unusual. If loving gluten is wrong, I don't want to be right.
  1. Banana nut bread from Starbucks
    I can't look directly at the pictures on the drive thru menu
  2. Grimaldi's pizza, Star Pizza, any real pizza
  3. Croissants with all of those flakey layers
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