I seriously have THE best husband on the planet - and he's pretty hot too
  1. The fact that I had 3 kids didn't scare him away
  2. He has always texted back right away - and included punctuation AND some emojis
    Real men use emojis
  3. We were friends first and there was never any pressure
  4. He's always known how to talk me from an emotional cliff
    He told me I'm not an ugly crier - but I still think he's just being nice
  5. He brought my favorite hot tea to my work several times a week
    My coworkers called him "hot tea guy" and this is the ONLY thing I miss about working retail
  6. He took dinner to my kids occasionally when I had to work late
  7. Not long after we became friends he took a WEEK off work to help me accomplish the move from hell
    My kids and I downsized from a 4 bedroom house to a 2 bedroom apartment
  8. My single friends and coworkers would ask if he had a brother
    Sorry! He has two sisters
  9. He willingly traded in his FJ Cruiser for a minivan
    He still embraces the experience saying it's so comfortable he feels like he's driving around in his living room
  10. He has always regularly made it a point to tell me I look nice or beautiful
    He still does
  11. He writes the best love letters - his handwriting is gorgeous
  12. He's an amazing guitarist
    I love the stories and pics from his punk rock band days - swoon!
  13. He likes to do yard work, cook, and clean
    I cannot put enough emphasis on this one as my first marriage partner avoided both at all costs
  14. He has expensive taste but lives within his budget
  15. He once rubbed my back for a solid hour during a most nauseating migraine
  16. When we decided to get married he drove 850 to ask for my dad's blessing
    My granddad was there too. My dad told him if he ever hurt me that he'd come after him with "everything he's got" and he's "got a lot." His reply to my dad? "I'd expect nothing less."
  17. My son described him as the type of man he aspires to be when he grows up