5 photos on my phone, chosen at random

  1. Admiral Wally
    Admiral Wally wears a handmade uniform based on the uniform of Admiral Lord Nelson. His hat is vintage British Navy circa 1832.
  2. Boom Boom
    A black powder 1/6 scale 24 pounder like the cannons on American and British ships of the late 1700's. Shoots golf balls, Ready for the coming apocalypse in January 2017
  3. Vampire Slayer Cheese
    A pungent white cheddar with such heavy garlic notes your breath will fend of the nearest vampire...
  4. Keeps on ticking...
    I've had this Bullwinkle Watch since 1969 and I runs better than my friends Apple Watch!
  5. Callenish Stones, Isle of Lewis (3000 b.c.e.)
    On the largest of the Outer Hebrides on the NW coast of Scotland, this was taken in May 2012 at about 10:30am. The summer solstice was coming soon!