Everyone has guilty pleasures. What makes us unique is some of the bizarre stuff we love that is peculiar to ourselves.
  1. Sea Chanties
    I don't know anyone who enjoys my open-throated rendition of "Blow the Man Down." I save it for the shower or solo driving!
  2. Tillamook Cold Brewed Coffee Ice Cream.
    I know sugar is bad for me so I try to savor this a spoon at a time. My ice cream bowls are barely bigger than thimbles...
  3. The Who
    Yeah, two of them have been at it for over 50 years, but whenever I listen to their music I still feel 18
  4. Fish and Chips
    First choice: halibut, though cod runs a close second. If I'm going to break the rules for this I want it fried in beer batter, not bread crumbs!
  5. Writing Pirate/Romance spoofs
    The world doesn't need another ripped bodice paperback, but these stories write themselves and are such fun along the way!