1. The man from Earth
    What if a man living for 14000 years and is still alive being your friend.
  2. Little man
    It makes you laugh and laugh. Just watch it.
  3. 12 angry men
    I can't say it's not a popular movie. But just 12 people arguing about a person being guilty.
  4. Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
    Heath ledger's last movie. For those who don't know him, he portrayed as the archenemy of batman. This movie is simple but need to watch twice.
  5. Donnie darko
    The movie ends where it starts. Such an amazing screen play. It's a supernatural film about a delusional teenager, demonic rabbit and time travel.
  6. Begin again
  7. School of rock
    Jack back at his best playing AC/DC.
  8. Game plan
    Rock parenting a 12 year old girl. Well that has got to be some fun.
  9. Tsotsi
  10. The Matrix: Reloaded
    Suggested by @charlie