1. Donnie darko 👿
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    The movie starts all fine and once you cross the half the movie, you'll feel like they are teaching you INTEGRAL CALCULUS 😱, yeah trust me. And during the climax the movie movie somehow reaches its own starting point and then you can go and bang your head 😁.
  2. Fight club
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    Guy gets bugged over his life 😫. Meets a cool guy 😎 on an airplane ✈️. Somehow his apartment blows up, end up staying with the cool guy. Fights with him 👊, fights with everyone. When all comes to an end, you realise you're the cool guy. WTF?
  3. Memento
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    One can only hope to watch the end of the movie without pausing the movie every few minutes. Nolan is the God father of screenplays 🙏. One cannot explain the movie to another, and no point of any spoiler alert for this movie. It's not gonna affect you anyway. To be brief, the past, present and future of a person unwinding in reverse direction is memento.
  4. The sixth sense
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    This movie has an epic twist in the climax. You wonder what is wrong with the small boy and at one point you'll feel like the whole movie doesn't make any sense. Until you figure out why Bruce never interacts with anyone else in the movie. That's when it all makes sense. One of the best M. Shyamalan's best direction,
  5. Inception
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    Concept of hacking into dreams to extract information . Yet another brilliant stroke of Nolan . Having one dream is not enough, you need to go deep. Have a dream within a dream within a dream , to incept an idea rather than to extract is what the movie is all about. The confusion starts at 00:00 and doesn't end until the last second of the movie.
  6. Primer
    To describe this in one sentence, it's a cousin brother of memento using a time machine.
  7. Interstellar
    Latest addition to the list. One needs a PhD in astrophysics and knowledge on Einstein unified theory, Einstein-Rosen bridge, black hole, Gravity time dilation and whatnot.
  8. Mulholland Drive
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    Suggested by @iMay