1. Mash - amazing seafood with proper beach view
    Fish fries here are crispy crackup on the outside and soft on the inside and melts down your throat.
  2. Tovo Infusion
    You get the best soft chicken infused with home made sauces.
  3. Seashell sweets and savouries
    You get the best Malabar biriyani and chicken shawarma roll here. No one else can beat it.
  4. Haji Ali
    You wanna falooda, you go right to this place. Best falooda and best fruit creams they make here.
  5. Sandy chocolate laboratory ( chocolate house)
    When you are here you see, drink, eat, breath chocolate here. All drinks are served in beaker, yes a beaker.
  6. Nalas aapps kadai - best appams here
    One of the authentic Tamil Nadu dish appams, it's like Sosa but looks like a bowl with thin crispy corners and spongy centre, this along with a chettinadu chicken curry will get you wings.
  7. Ponnuswamy - authentic chettinadu dishes
    Get ready for the spicy chettinadu dishes. Chicken, mutton, rabbit, crab, prawn , duck and whatnots.