1. Mash - amazing seafood with proper beach view
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    Fish fries here are crispy crackup on the outside and soft on the inside and melts down your throat.
  2. Tovo Infusion
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    You get the best soft chicken infused with home made sauces.
  3. Seashell sweets and savouries
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    You get the best Malabar biriyani and chicken shawarma roll here. No one else can beat it.
  4. Haji Ali
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    You wanna falooda, you go right to this place. Best falooda and best fruit creams they make here.
  5. Sandy chocolate laboratory ( chocolate house)
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    When you are here you see, drink, eat, breath chocolate here. All drinks are served in beaker, yes a beaker.
  6. Nalas aapps kadai - best appams here
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    One of the authentic Tamil Nadu dish appams, it's like Sosa but looks like a bowl with thin crispy corners and spongy centre, this along with a chettinadu chicken curry will get you wings.
  7. Ponnuswamy - authentic chettinadu dishes
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    Get ready for the spicy chettinadu dishes. Chicken, mutton, rabbit, crab, prawn , duck and whatnots.