1. Sunshine
    Sun looses its energy and it time to reignite them. One of the best space movies ever. Danny Boyle at his best.
  2. Moon
    3 years contract on the moon and he realises a bitter truth at the end of contract.
  3. Interstellar
    I've no words to explain this movie. Portraying time as 4th dimension and gravity as 5th dimension and explaining the gravity time dilation. OH MY, you should watch this movie, but read about topics which I mentioned earlier.
  4. 2001: a space odyssey
    Amazing movie taken more than 50 years back. Must watch twice to understand.
  5. Event horizon
    Except for gory blood scenes it's a must watch space movie. Fantastic thriller.
  6. Apollo 13
    Will make you site in the edge of the seat with a powerful true story based on original APOLLO 13 and its crew. It's about making a survival trip back to Earth after a fatal accident in outer space.
  7. Pandoram
    Waking up from hibernation and not knowing about where they are, what their mission is not enough, some crew members trying to become God and kill the rest, such a thriller this is.
  8. Solaris
    Anyone who boards the ship is not willing to come back, a psychologist is sent to find out why, except he also does not want to leave the ship. Find out why?
  9. Prometheus
    Finding the super human, or our creator on the rocks of the moon, goes tragic when our creator is trying to destroy earth.