1. Torrents. Piracy, piracy everywhere. Download anything for free.
    If only the Broadband speed matches that of USA India will have half of worlds data.
  2. Wedding Dance in groups of 50+ people, on road , with a van full of heavy speakers at its fullest volume.
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    Just everyday things
  3. The wedding processions.
    They take over the whole street with cars, elephants, trucks, whatever. All adorned to the hilt, mind you. Huge speakers, music blaring, everyone partying their balls off down a crowded road in the middle of the day.
    Suggested by @dev
  4. The "holy shit I'm about to die. I suppose I had a good life." nature of the motor traffic.
    It's down right terrifying, especially on the highways, but ultimately an effective way to become comfortable with situations beyond your control.
    Suggested by @dev
  5. Piss in public, no one bats an eye. Kiss in public, everyone loses their mind.
  6. Can visit a doctor even without appointment also with just less that ₹500
    That's around $8
  7. Don't have vehicle license - ₹100. No insurance - ₹200
    These are bribe rates and not fine rates.
  8. Yo cow, move to another lane yo.
    Cows are a casual thing on all the roads.