1. Einstein Rosen bridge
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    Bridge between two distant worlds
  2. Gravity time dilation
    If you are in a different world, change your watch. Minute ain't 60 seconds anymore.
  3. Fourth dimension ( time )
    Your events are stacked ins ladders, choose your time like choosing a book in a library.
  4. Fifth dimension ( gravity )
    Now you can find a book in library ( a particular time of your life) use gravity to talk now.
  5. Centrifugal force
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    You spin you spaceship so you get artificial turf gravity.
  6. Gravity anomaly
    Change in gravity than predicted ones.
  7. Spacetime singularity
  8. Theory of relativity
  9. Morse code
    • - • • - - Oh I was talking in morse code 😜
  10. Black hole
    Gravity here sucks everything. Once you're in, there is no way out.
  11. Worm hole
    Like a teleporter. Travel to far universe in mere minutes.
  12. Black hole
  13. Slingshot around a massive object using gravity