I'm not a reader. I graduated Amherst College with honors without being reader (and later survived a year in a philosophy PhD program). This fact has made me apologetic, embarrassed, and above all thankful for the explosive growth of online video. (*By "reading" I mean using symbols on a page to convey a SPECIFIC idea; not 'reading for pleasure').
  1. If the intention of writing is to communicate a specific meaning, then it pales in comparison to listening, seeing, feeling, and smelling in its ability to do this.
  2. If human language has existed for 24 hours, reading has only existed for 45 minutes; we are far more visual than we are syntactic.
  3. The word "red", written in a red font, will always convey more info than "red" written in black.
  4. "SMH" is short for "shaking my head". Head-shaking is precisely the kind of gesture that is data-rich, context-dependent, and subtle as hell in a way that "SMH" will simply never capture. You are envisioning actual head-shaking when you read "SMH" BUT you can't actually see (read: understand) the specific instance of head-shaking denoted by "SMH"
  5. "Mona Lisa's smile" or seeing it?
  6. Reading sheet music, or actually hearing music?
  7. This is NOT an dismissal of writers or storytelling; I'd simply rather hear an author tell a story than read it (SO much more information to be garnered from tone of voice, fluctuating volume, meter, emphasis, etc.)