I never ask for gifts-but since @dbyh20 is requesting this list, here is what I can come up with....and this list is not limited to holiday. Let's just say "want" but too busy/cheap to buy for myself.
  1. Paint
    Paint "samples" have been on my walls for almost a year. It's time to actually paint. Problem is I'm too busy and don't have time to pick the colors and paint the walls. Here's hoping Santa comes down the chimney and paints the walls. I will leave out cookies for his efforts.
  2. Dining room chairs.
    I am over eating on tray tables but the same obstacle to paint exists for chairs. I just can't find the time to pick some out and purchase them. I am in my 30s- time to eat at a real table.
  3. New clothes
    Back to my pre pregnancy size (almost). And new clothes would be awesome. But I have zero sense of style and also no time (see the trend). It would be great to have one of those style subscriptions where new clothes arrive at my door and I can say 👍🏻 or 👎🏻. It would be extra great if said service and clothes were also inexpensive 😕
  4. Yoga Membership