Requested by @sofi
Good idea for a list @sofi! In naming our daughter Quinn- I think I've used her actual name less than 5 times. These are the usual go to's
  1. Quinnegan
    This is my most used. I think it's because my friend has a cat named Finnegan, and then I started to call her Quinnegan. Drew says he uses it when she's acting particularly Irish 🍀
  2. Quinnabego
  3. Quinnie the Pooh
    She gets called this when... Yep...💩
  4. Quinndici
    Italian for "15". When Drew discovered he can obtain Italian citizenship AND because she was born in 2015- it stuck.
  5. Quinnie
  6. BBQ
  7. QB
    Also her initials- how convenient! 🏈
  8. Polpetta (Italian for meatball)