1. Good Noodle (Inner Richmond)
    The pho is good, but I've been ordering the fried rice with lap chong and suspiciously dry vegetables.
  2. Hamburger Haven (Inner Richmond)
    The breakfast here is really cheap but not high quality. There's something appealing about the dated interior and older, blue collar customers.
  3. Panda Express at Stonestown Galleria Lakeside)
    The chances of running into a tech person here are zero. In general, I love this mall because it reminds me of the mall I grew up with, and the suburbs in general. There's a misconception that Asians don't like Panda Express, maybe Chinese Americans, but for me it was a treat growing up.
  4. Zeitgeist (Mission)
    I hate this place for so many reasons, and yet the grubbiness of it appeals to my Berkeley co-op days. It's about beer, burgers and conversation.
  5. John's Snack and Deli (Financial District)
    I ate here all the time when I was working under one of the worst bosses of my career. They serve Korean food prepared on a hot plate illegally. The owner is a real hustler.