This doesn't include compilation albums, because it is easy to take a bunch of good singles and string them together. Also album means at least 8 songs.
  1. Coheed and Cambria: In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3
    A near flawless album. There only part that gets a bit wonky are the verses in The Camper Velourium III: Al the Killer, but just when I'm about to skip it the chorus kicks in and saves the song.
  2. Chvrches: Every Open Eye
    So catchy, so fun, so thoughtful, so intricate. An amazing collection of mesmerizing pop songs.
  3. Planes Mistaken for Stars: S/T
    From the four count and the feedback at the beginning of Copper and Stars you know this is going to be a rocker. The songs flow together so well and the intensity never let's up. I worry that if the album were longer it would fizzle, but Planes clearly knew exactly when enough was enough.
  4. The Anniversary: Designing a Nervous Breakdown
    Even though the other albums they released border on unlistenable, this record is an absolute must listen. The dueling male/female vocals, the Moog high in the mix, and "WOO" in the background during a rest are all elements that hook me into a record. A staple of my high school and college days that still holds up.
  5. The Album Leaf: A Chorus of Storytellers
    An album that is perfect for headphones and writing. Quiet, sparse, catchy, tuneful. Not a perfect album for any time, but an album that has a perfect time and place.
  6. M83: Hurry Up We're Dreaming
    Making an all the way through album is hard, making a double album without one track to skip is a serious feat.