List only contains bands who released material on an actual record label, not just demos/internet releases. Needless to say, all of these are worth listening to.
  1. Adorable
    The missing link between The Smiths and Oasis. First record, "Against Perfection", is complete perfection.
  2. The Kodan Armada
    Saw this band play a fest in Daytona Beach on New Years Eve 2003 or 2004. They were easily the most energetic band of the 40 or so all weekend. Only released 16 songs in total, "Say Something" being the highlight.
  3. John McLaughlin & the Mahavishnu Orchestra
    This could be an age thing, since they stopped releasing music in the early 70's, but this group released some really amazing prog/jazz records with some of the most incredible instrumental virtuosity I've ever heard.
  4. Doomsday Machine Schematic
    Tour mates, and my band released a split cd with them. Still, in the early to mid-00's there were a glut of tech/death/grind bands with long, mechanical names and this group of guys did a great job of being interesting at it. Also, responsible for helping my band in college build a fan base and tour.
  5. Arms of Orion
    Really amazing pop punk. Were good friends as well, and i spent a lot of time traveling around to see them. They signed a huge record deal, recorded an amazing record, and the label folded before the record released.
  6. Buried Inside
    Did the slow, long, heavy thing before it was discarded as "Neur/Isis worship". Their album "Chronoclast" features songs whose lyrics are meditations on time as a variety of forces for control, and they carried a massive gong on tour with them. Awesome.
  7. Flickerstick
    From the VH1 show Bands on the Run. Radio friendly rock with some great guitar solos and really well crafted songs. One of many bands whose careers were sidelined by 9/11 (seriously, both directly and indirectly this event wrought havoc on a huge number of artists' careers).
  8. I Hate Myself
    Late 90's emo, lots of quiet/loud dynamics, singing that jumps back and forth between singing and screaming, extra long, completely obscure song titles, and an awesome name. Mentioned in a Tau Lin book, for whatever that is worth.
  9. Still Life
    Much like I Hate Myself, but even more intense. Spent years tracking down a copy of "From Angry Heads with Skyward Eyes", which even on the internet was VERY hard to find. More screaming, even quieter quiet parts, even more emotion.
  10. Telefon Tel Aviv
    My first introduction to IDM (different from EDM). Glitchy as all get out, soothing, electronic variations on a theme. Great for setting a mood, would be my ideal restaurant music.