I like documentaries. For a while, it was the only genre that I could see in a video store and buy/rent without knowing anything else about it. Here are my current favorites.
  1. Word Wars
    A documentary about professional scrabble players. I love this for two reasons: 1) it is about people who have dedicated their lives to something that will never make them real money but do it for love, and 2) my deep dive into really learning how to play scrabble is a direct result of this movie.
  2. Infamy
    A documentary about graffiti writers. It follows them on bombing trips, tagging in broad daylight in NYC, doing legal pieces on store fronts, and telling amazing stories. The earsnot segments in particular are PHENOMENAL.
  3. Paradise Lost I, II, III
    The first documentary I remember seeing. About the West Memphis 3, a group of teenagers in the 90's who were sentenced to death for allegedly murdering three children in a satanic ritual. It follows the trial, appeals attempts, and their ultimate release after 18 years. I saw this randomly on HBO one night channel surfing, and haven't been the same since.
  4. Who Put the M in Manchester
    The Morrissey concert film shot in Manchester on his birthday. Saw this before I had the chance to see him live, and it was at a time where I quite literally was listening to nothing but Morrissey and The Smiths. I was that guy in college (and still am in many ways). Also fun because when I met my friend Ati, I said "aren't you in the Morrissey DVD?" Which he is.
  5. Jiroh Dreams of Sushi
    A person spending a lifetime in pursuit of perfecting a craft. So much has been said about this doc that it is hard to add something more. Simply put, it offers dedicated artists as both beautifully driven and frustratingly singular at the same time.
  6. An Evening with Kevin Smith
    In a time before twitter and blogs and our current conception of the internet, having a chance to watch someone talk about their craft for four plus hours was a rare thing. So much insight, so many dick jokes, and the Prince story is just amazing. I may have memorized many of the monologues in this film.