Let's see if I can actually remember this.
  1. Younger elementary years: a Zoologist. I was so obsessed with animals and had these huuuuge binders filled with facts about animals from around the world. I soaked that stuff up like a sponge.
  2. Older elementary years: an actress. I was constantly thinking of movie plots for myself to star in and reciting these random soliloquies to myself in the mirror. I dreamed of stardom in Hollywood every second.
  3. Middle School: a fashion designer. I got bit by the Project Runway bug. My mom bought me a sewing machine one Christmas and I think I used it twice.
  4. Early high school: a playwright/dramaturge. I found my niche in high school pretty quick with the theatrical arts. Although I loved performing, working behind the scenes seemed like a more stable career choice.
  5. Later high school years: a lawyer. My parents were always supportive in whatever I wanted to do but we're concerned that theater wouldn't be a practical career choice. I took the ASVAB and career aptitude test and it pointed me in the direction of law. So I went with it.
  6. Now: It's been four years since I've graduated high school. After all the ups and downs with college, work and reality In general, I have come to the conclusion that what I want to do is teach. I want to mold the minds of teenagers and impact their soul searching years. I have teachers that I will never forget because they never gave up on me.