1. Tripping up the stairs in the subway station
    Before 9 am
  2. Eating a lot of cheese
  3. Being interviewed about yogurt
  4. Flashing everyone when the wind blows up my dress
  5. Deciding to become a runner in 90 degree weather
  6. Being dripped on by air conditioners
  7. Buying hot dogs from cvs
  8. Forgetting nachos at restaurant
  9. Accidentally touching people's butts on trains
    Was it an accident though??
  10. People reading the item above while on train
  11. Not being able to breathe as I walk by the hot hot exhaust from the bus
  12. Going out of the way to step on leaves that look crunchy but are sadly very deceiving
  13. Trying to use $5 coupon for purchase of $5.09 but since subtotal wasn't $5 CAN'T USE COUPON
  14. Dog tried to attack me while on my run
  15. Didn't bring an umbrella. Starts to downpour
  16. Frantically buy umbrella. Get splashed by cars and buses